Episode 9 – Active Shooter

Active Shooter Episode 9     RUN If there is an accessible escape path, attempt to evacuate the premises. Stay low and sprint from cover to cover location Be sure to: Have an escape route and plan in mind Keep an eye out for exits near your area Ideally, exit from back exits (not main)…

Episode 7 – Tornado Preparedness and Just the Herbal Tip – Comfrey

Show Notes: Tornado Preparedness and Just the Herbal Tip… Comfrey Episode 7   Before the Storm   Ready.gov Tornado Preparedness Guide – how_to_prepare_tornado_033014_508   Ready.gov ICC 500 Building Plans –  The-Latest-in-ICC500-Storm-Shelter-and-FEMA-Safe-Room-Requirements   Identify Pertinent Utility Shut offs Main Water to your home Main Natural Gas/Propane Breaker Box Main Electricity   Have a conversation with all family members prior…

Episode 5 – Five Things that you NEED to Start Doing TODAY to Live a Life of True Freedom

Episode 5: Five Things that you NEED to Start Doing TODAY to Live a Life of True Freedom

On today’s Podcast, Justin discusses the steps to begin your journey towards true freedom. Don’t procrastinate, and start today.


Dave Ramsey’s Debt Snowball Overview can be found below.

Debt Snowball Overview: https://www.daveramsey.com/blog/how-the-debt-snowball-method-works


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A Bullet is Coming

My grandfather was born in 1931, shortly after the beginning of The Great Depression. Life was hard, jobs were quickly disappearing and putting food on the family dinner table was a daily struggle. After the long economic recovery from the depression, those who could find employment would hold on to a good job for all…

The Awakening

  Welcome to Profitable Preparedness! My name is Justin Davis and I am a late thirty something guy with an amazing wife and two terrific children.  I work in sales for a wholesale food distribution company, and have recently began a new endeavor with my wife Crystal. For well over a decade I was self…