Welcome!  My name is Crystal Davis, I am a wife to a wonderful and inspiring husband, mother of two fun and active kiddos and a true creative dreamer.  My husband, Justin and I have decided to begin and document our new journey; the ultimate goal, overhaul our lives for a better future.  While Justin will be discussing the financial/business side of things, I will be focusing more on how to help educate and prepare our children in case of any possible disaster and my new found obsession, medicinal herbs.


One of my favorite pastimes is to try new things and then share them with my children, or any child that is willing to listen.  You can say that I am a bit restless and a child at heart.  As an only child I always had the desire to be active and challenge my abilities to grow into my full potential.  This drive has in turn carried over to our kids.  My most cherished times with my children do not involve the use of any electronics; simply asking how their day was, discovering a new recipe in the kitchen or reading a beloved book has created a much stronger bond and some really great memories for all of us!


Everyday we get up and fall into our normal routines, moving through our daily responsibilities and activities; make the breakfast and school lunches, get the kids off to school, work, pick up the kids, make the dinner, bedtime, sleep and repeat.  We are just wired this way, a pattern we have adopted from generations before us.  The question is what happens when our routines get shaken by an unforeseen event, whether this be a snowstorm that causes power outages for days, a tornado that terrorizes a community or even an illness that leads to job loss.  Above all how can we help prepare our children for these situations?


We know these situations can occur at any time, sometimes it is easy to turn a blind eye.  I have been guilty of this, not because I simply do not care, but more because I assume the families or communities had a plan in place and that disaster relief was in full force.  Of course not everyone is prepared for a catastrophic event or even able to cope, especially children.  This brings me to why we have built this website, to share our family journey towards a more prepared, self-reliant and back to nature lifestyle.


As parents, we are our children’s biggest influence.  I encourage you to keep reading, educate yourself and your children on these subjects so if that time comes you and your family are able to institute your plan immediately and calmly.  Talk with your children in a non-threatening way about preparation, act out scenarios with them and encourage dialogue about their concerns.  I will be sharing our new family traditions along the way in hopes to reach those who want more information on how to incorporate these tools into their everyday lives.


Be Well and remember, “There’s no harm in hoping for the best as long as you’re prepared for the worst.”

-Stephen King