Justin and Crystal Davis are the Co-Founders of Profitable Preparedness, a website designed to help anyone interested in preparedness grow their existing business, start a new one, and to help parents educate their children on preparedness in a fun and non threatening way.

We are a married couple in our mid thirties with two children living in Central Illinois. Both of us work in corporate America, and have grown tired of chasing a broken American dream. We love our country, our family and our friends, but have come to realization that the American dream has nothing to do with material possessions, accruing debt or keeping up with the Joneses.

Our family is working diligently to become debt free and start a homestead in Colorado. We have decided to create a family centric lifestyle that focuses on quality of life, and creating lasting memories for our children. Sacrificing family time and personal health for career goals and materialism is not a healthy trade off; regardless of what we are led to believe by celebrities, corporations or advertising firms. Sending children into the world that are unprepared without marketable skills is not an option. Something has to change.

Justin has spent almost two decades working with business owners and entrepreneurs learning many tips and tricks that are normally only accessible to the rich and well connected. If your goal is to be more prepared, move out of the city to pursue a simpler life or start a homestead we are here to help you along the way. Whether you are new to preparedness or a veteran, we would like to work with you to achieve your goals by discussing real nuts and bolts business applications and strategies.

Crystal is fairly new to the preparedness community, but found herself being drawn to preparedness through our children. After extensive discussions with local school officials, Crystal became appalled with the lack of planning and direction by those in charge of our children while they are away from home.  Crystal’s goal is to help parents have fun and open conversations with their children as it relates to preparedness. We as parents hope that an emergency never happens at our children’s school, but it is our job to ensure that our kids have a plan… even if their teachers and administrators do not.

We hope you will follow us on our journey and learn from the trials and tribulations of breaking free. We also plan on providing access to some of the country’s top authorities on the specific areas of our expertise.

Thank you for visiting.